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Tareacel's Lovely Little Rant Page

and sometimes other things.....

6 April
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Hi! This is Tareacel! I'm a Musical Theatre major at ECU in NC. I'm 22 (GAH!! OLD!!) and a senior in college (finally!). I'm an Aries (yay temper!) and a Rat (yay manipulative!), which makes me a hell of a person. I read tarot cards and interpret dreams (and get some good money for doing both..) and I used to be Wiccan, but then I got disillusioned. >.< Ummm...let's see...I love anime, play video games, DDR, write, read, and <3 yaoi. Yeah...I do. All that's in my scanty scanty spare time (thank you theatre major...), and I also play Shadowrun. Yay me! So....**waves**